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"Straight to the point, no "fairy dust" advice with true desire for all listeners to take valuable, actionable advice home. Thanks a bunch!"
- Patsy Bellah


"Good overview of the process of finding capital (the 'what' not the 'how')."

- Catherine Macdonald


“Joel is a very inspirational person. As I walked out of his talk, I began to call friends and colleagues to join me in a new business venture.”

- Raphael Anderson, Los Angeles, California


"I Got A Complete Blueprint For My New Business"  ...with multiple sources of income and the knowledge to execute my plan.


Joel is great at getting you to think big... and his insights about my business ideas have been invaluable to me.

- Barbara Abernathy
VenusOnTop.com, Successful Author


I enjoyed him immensely. He was very interactive and used stories to communicate his point very well.

- Nicolas Brito, Paradise Valley, Arizona


I was not bored once. Joel kept me very intrigued the entire time, and I learned so much. I think the symbol of the plastic car door protector was very powerful. That story and image will stay with me for the rest of my life.

- Kristin Findley, Las Vegas, Nevada


Joel is really one of the best speakers I have ever heard. As a business leader, we hear many guest speakers from all industries and backgrounds, but none have left me with the impact that Joel has left.

- Jennifer Lee, Honolulu, Hawaii


Listening to Joel was an inspiration. His words were just the pep talk that I needed to return the energy and enthusiasm in my own business.

- Jeff Gibson, Irvine, California



"Joel's passion is evident in his approach to business growth. His revenue building strategies are the supreme launching pad for profits. Joel delivers again and again!"

- David Wells



Joel was extremely engaging and entertaining and able to relate to the audience very well.

- Lauren Follett, Long Beach, California


He's a great storyteller. He was extremely interesting, and his ideas seemed a good start foundation for any business person.

- Ana Garcia, Anaheim Hills, California


Great speaker with very valuable knowledge.

-Michelle Garcia, Los Angeles, California


Joel was very animated and intriguing. I liked the way he told his own first-hand experiences and offered the lessons he learned from them.

- Amy Gelstian, Los Angeles, California


It was fun and interesting.

- Maneeza Hasan, Northridge, California


Fabulous, very informative, and inspiring.

- Andy Ishal, Los Angeles, California


His real and personal examples were terrific. It helped me get engaged in the presentation. Also, providing the principles so clearly was a beautiful way to point out the most important information.

- Catalina Marin, Colombia


A presentation that was easy to relish. Very effective.

- Richard Medina, Montebella, California

I think Joel is an excellent speaker. He is funny, interactive, and brings a level of suspense to his lecture that keeps the audience interested. Joel provides a level of suspense that keeps you constantly thinking and asking yourself, "How can I apply this to my business"?

- Laura Morgan, Phoenix, Arizona


You've got to come hear, Joel.

- Brendon Simpson, Carson City, Nevada


Joel was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. It is clear that he loves what he's doing and that he translates that success into words. He's a born entrepreneur.

- Nathan Stadler, Redondo Beach, California



"This Is The Best Course
I've Ever Taken"

"What is so great about this program is that Joel knows how to build any business because he's already done it dozens of times. It is truly refreshing to be taught by someone who has "been there and done that."


Joel really speaks to me in the language of my specific business. The amazing thing is that Joel actually does have the RIGHT answers every time.


Joel sees a business the same way an architect sees a building plan. He intimately knows every single building block needed to build a business and in what order to work on the next block.


The entire course is so amazing. It's the best course I've ever taken!"

- Nolden Bronkar


He is very personal. It makes it seem possible and attainable for any of us to achieve our dreams. I really enjoyed his presentation. It motivated me. Joel makes bringing your ideas to life seem easily possible with a bit of hard work and strategic planning. He's very motivating.

- Indya Talbot, San Diego, California


I found Joel to be a very interesting, entertaining speaker. I liked that he encouraged us to have passion about what we do, as well as offering the take-action advice using himself as an example.

- Kristina Powns, Pomona, California


Joel is very inspirational.

- Quynh Tran, Cerritos, California


He shared great stories with great humor. Captivates his audience from the moment he speaks, because I could sense his passion.

- Arlene Yuan, Phoenix, Arizona


The man clearly knows what he's talking about, and he will not BS you. Listen to him.

- Richard Wayland, Chino Hills, California


Extracted from the San Fernando Valley Business Journal - 6/20/05

Which Person Was Most Pivotal In Your Success As An Entrepreneur?

"Which person was the most pivotal in your success as an entrepreneur?"


"There are not one but two gentlemen who helped me along the way. One was Joel Block founder of Growth-Logic.com.


He’s a business consultant and a long time friend of mine. Joel has a brilliant entrepreneurial mind."

- Mark Widawer
Owner of West Hills Web Inc.

Lots of good advice, especially his laws of entrepreneurship.

- S. Liede, Riga, Latvia


Great real life principles. Joel was a fantastic speaker and provides insightful knowledge about the business world.

- Jeffrey Shen, Hacienda Heights, California

Joel's program is a very straight to the point way to achieve success in entrepreneurship.

Christina Mills

Joel's advice is well worth listening to. He can turn your stagnant business into a business that explodes.

- Benjamin Sung, Monterey Park, California


"Specific Strategies Anyone Can Use"

"Joel gave specific strategies anyone can use to build revenue. Joel has a unique perspective and shows you exactly how to create buyers. Tons of valuable information. Thank You!!"

- Jean Chelin

Joel was motivational and inspiring. He got me thinking.

- Angela Serrante, Boxford, Massachusetts


Joel Block knows money.

- Tom Noble, Los Angeles, California


Laid back and informative.

- Brian Atlas, Munson, New Jersey


Great job. It was quite engaging.

- Raymond Luck, New Rochelle, New York


He made me believe my dreams can be turned into a business.

- Christopher Snee. Valencia, California


Joel brought to light the fact that within every industry, there is an opportunity to create a new product and improve efficiency.

- Matthew Carvajal. San Diego, California


Hearing Joel speak gave me the motivation, knowledge, and advice to make my ideas a reality.

-Lindsay Stearns. Chicago, Illinois


Joel can throw the ball to anyone and answer any questions thrown at him by the audience, with a satisfying response. He is an interesting and engaging speaker.

- Natalie Fujii. Dana Point, California


I loved it. I liked that you were very easy to understand. Joel Block is great advice that any business-minded person can use.

- Matt Dennison. Mission Viejo, California


Joel's presentation was too short. I wish he could have presented for much longer. He has very informative material. Simply put, Joel is the best speaker that I've ever heard. He truly knows what it takes to become a successful business person.

- Parsia Palar. Westlake Village, California


Very confident, knowledgeable, interesting and engaging. One of the best speakers I've ever heard. He brought me to the point of revelation in a very brief amount of time.

- Benjamin Liang. Hong Kong


Joel's insight forces you to rethink and question your current strategy allowing the opportunity for enhancement.

- David Duel, Anaheim Hills, California


Interactive with the audience, enthusiastic and fun. A lot of real world experience. Very inspiring. An inspiring speaker that is sure to create a spark in any driven business person.

- Sean Cooper, El Paso, Texas


He was the best speaker all year.

- Daniel Hakim, Los Angeles, California


It was excellent. Joel told stories and got his point across well, very inspirational.

- Max Schlesinger, San Francisco, California


Joel is an excellent speaker, very clear and his stories are both educational and entertaining.

Grant Warner, Melbourne, Australia

A candid and insightful and engaging speaker. I learned a lot from Joel Block in less than two hours.

- Ian Alas, Glendale, California


Joel's talk was too short, I still had more questions.

- Dennis Seanken, Hillsborough, New Jersey


Joel gives applicable advice in addition to being a motivational speaker.

- Christopher Thompson, Oakland, California


He is like an unlimited resource for business owners.

- Ghazi Alsharhan, Kuwait City, Kuwait


He was open, candid and this helped to bring the speaker and audience together.

- Jin Zia Chew, Singapore


Very informative and knowledgeable.

- Daniel Guedie, Venice, California


Joel's presentation will prevent me from wasting at least 15 years of my life.

- Aresh Irajpanah, Portland, Oregon


A wonderful presenter and offers many entrepreneurial insights.

- Ryan Hughes, Valencia, California


Entertaining speaker that shared insightful information for any aspiring entrepreneur or business person.

- Keith Wasserman, Woodland Hills, California


He knows what he is talking about and is an excellent speaker.

- David Myers, Oceanside, California


Joel's presentation gave me invaluable information that will help me be successful for the rest of my life.

- Meszah Ahmad, Scottsdale, Arizona


A great experience and well worth the time.

-Nicholas McWilliams, Boring, Oregon


Very enthusiastic and easy to listen to.

- Laura Gill, Villa Park, California


It was my pleasure and my privilege to by in Joel's audience.

- Jessica Yuhara, Honolulu, Hawaii


Good speaker, entertaining, great articulation.

- Cara Sandell


He really grabbed the audience and inspired us to go out, rather than just tell us what he has done.

- Omar Awadallah, Torrance, California


Interesting speaker and fun to watch.

- Ted Paul, Laguna Niguel, California


Helped take the fear and doubt out of the audience so that we could move forward with our careers and our businesses.

- Sunny Purcell, Lakewood, California

Nice and to the point. Is completely honest, which is refreshing.

- Michael Carlstrom, Fontana, California

He breaks business down to the bare bones. Those that are needed to succeed.

-Matt Green, Santa Barbara, California


Influential and motivational. Easy advice on how term insurance employ simple concepts.

- Brittany Vickford


He taught me how to see success in a whole new way.

- Michael Schwartz, Manhattan Beach, California


He is very dynamic and engages the audience well. I like his story telling style. Joel is an inspiration to aspiring business people, entrepreneurs and career minded professionals and provided me with the basis for success in the future.

- Eddie Medina, Anaheim Hills, California


Joel is very enthusiastic and funny. The content of his speech was interesting and it drew me in more than I expected. I wanted to hear more. His comments were too short. I wish there was more time.

- David Jacobs, New York, New York


Best Speaker All Year.

- Alex Chernausky - Beverly Hills, California

Joel conceptualizes real life experiences into life lesions better than any other speaker I've heard.

- Sean Batla - Leguna Hills, California


Much more passionate and engaging and polished than others. Great speaker. Knows his material well.

- Ryan Seals - Albuquerque, New Mexico


I truly will take with me the lessons to frame your persuasive ideas around each specific audience.

- Ty Martin - Dallas, Texas


Good analogies that made stories interesting and applicable.

- Jennifer Frisk - Field Beach, California


He was very articulate and motivating. Well organized and structured. Motivating and articulate, the perfect combination.

- James Reed - Santa Barbara, California


Joel's presentation was direct and very informational. It gave me more confidence to start my venture.

- Tramaine Tillman - Orange, California


Very well spoken and knew how to engage his audience.

- Chris Marocheliton - Burbank, California


He captures the mind and the spirit of the entrepreneur and puts them into words.

- Casey Jenkins - Torrance, California


Joel Block's rules of business are priceless. I can see these rules making me very successful in the future.

Amir Ahdoot, Los Angeles, California


Joel was extremely personable. He made you feel comfortable when he spoke. Joel's approach is great.

Leah Arnold, Los Angeles, California


Joel is a great person and so is his program. I enjoyed every minute I spent listening to Joel and look forward to seeing and talking to him again.

Igal Azran, Los Angeles, California


Joel is a charismatic leader who has exceptional business foresight. Because of this his business rules must be recognized and studied by every business leader.

Ross Barbash, Dallas, Texas


Listening to Joel was an inspiration. His words were just the pep talk that I needed to return the energy and enthusiasm in my own business.

Jeff Gibson, Irvine, California


Joel's presentation was very interesting and captured the audience's attention with personal anecdotes as well as his own advice.

Elliot Gluck, San Diego, California


Joel's presentation was very motivating. I remember many of his words. They made a great impact on me.

Livia Koszo, Kecskenet, Hungary


Joel is really one of the best speakers I have ever heard. As a business leader, we hear many guest speakers from all industries and backgrounds, but none have left me with the impact that Joel has left.

Jennifer Lee, Honolulu, Hawaii


Joel's presentation has changed my life.

Irene Rhodes, Portland, Oregon


"The bank loan officers always thought my business ideas where too BIG. Now I realize that instead of cutting down my dream and funding requirements, I should probably have asked a lender who can understand Profits instead."
- Dan Collins

"I enjoyed the frankness of the presentation regarding expectations."
- Val McCleod

"Capital Secrets for Established Businessmen were discussed thoroughly."
- Kamau Kenyatta

"Examples of real life capital opportunities Hints and lessons."
- KrishnaSankar Ganguly

"What I really like is the fact that it puts money, as a commodity,
in the right perspective... including the fact that it ALSO necessitates planning... I do not have a business right now (read cash flow) but when I will soon, I will be back here, burning tire rubber, to sign up and get on top of that skill."
- John Pierre

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